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#thisisedinburgh with some Sunshine on Leith

I would have loved it had the latest work on ‘This is Edinburgh’ or #thisisedinburgh encompassed a bit of cinematic beauty of Sunshine on Leith.

‘This is Edinburgh’ is its new city centre campaign  www.thisisedinburgh.org.uk  #thisisedinburgh. The campaign is designed to attract families and shoppers back into the city centre. Running for the next two years, it is projected that the £1 million campaign will stimulate an additional £50 million spend within the city centre over that time. 

The adverts are good although I don’t necessarily identify with Girls in Town as shopping and dining isn’t often top of my to do list. That said, the films are a useful reminder of what is on offer in Edinburgh city centre.

However, if you’ve never been to Edinburgh before and what to get a snapshot of what makes it one of the world’s most beautiful cities you should watch the film musical ‘Sunhine on Leith‘ – the trailer for the film below gives a taster of what’s on offer.

The Edinburgh vistas are fantastic and all using the music and lyrics from the brilliant Proclaimers – the only thing I’d say is missing is a rendition of the song Sunshine on Leith courtesy of the fans of Hibs (and I’m not even a Hibee).

Taken all together it reinforces what a fantastic city Edinburgh is to live in with so so much to offer.