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Personal branding online for academics

My recent blog on Sproul-Digital about differentiating your personal brand in digital spaces identifies some great opportunities for subject area experts and thought leaders to exploit. In particular for academics in higher education the current web eco-system offers an excellent opportunity to develop a highly effective digital shop-window based on subject area and institution reputation particularly given the dominance and reliance on Google and other search engines.  If you are wondering how to raise your profile and visibility and please follow this link for some hints and tips on differentiating your personal brand in digital spaces. About the author: Mark Sproul is Director of Sproul-Digital and former Head of Digital at Edinburgh Napier University.


Songs to Study to playlist on Spotify

One of the components of a recent marketing campaign we ran was Spotify advertising which asked Spotify users within a specified age range to engage with the Edinburgh Napier University and tell us what songs they study to and recommend them for our ‘Songs to Study to‘ playlist.

From a brand awareness perspective this provided substantial reach at reasonable cost and created an exceptional level of engagement – albeit light engagement it combined positive brand messages with social share-ability and engagement – which is the first time we’ve properly achieved this within the UK market and achieved significant impact with digital display (excluding Facebook) and avoided interuption.

It has certainly been an interesting experiment and has opened up thoughts on how this approach can be used in future.

And the playlist itself is actually quite good. The ‘Song to Study to‘ playlist is embedded below.