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#thisisedinburgh with some Sunshine on Leith

I would have loved it had the latest work on ‘This is Edinburgh’ or #thisisedinburgh encompassed a bit of cinematic beauty of Sunshine on Leith.

‘This is Edinburgh’ is its new city centre campaign  www.thisisedinburgh.org.uk  #thisisedinburgh. The campaign is designed to attract families and shoppers back into the city centre. Running for the next two years, it is projected that the £1 million campaign will stimulate an additional £50 million spend within the city centre over that time. 

The adverts are good although I don’t necessarily identify with Girls in Town as shopping and dining isn’t often top of my to do list. That said, the films are a useful reminder of what is on offer in Edinburgh city centre.

However, if you’ve never been to Edinburgh before and what to get a snapshot of what makes it one of the world’s most beautiful cities you should watch the film musical ‘Sunhine on Leith‘ – the trailer for the film below gives a taster of what’s on offer.

The Edinburgh vistas are fantastic and all using the music and lyrics from the brilliant Proclaimers – the only thing I’d say is missing is a rendition of the song Sunshine on Leith courtesy of the fans of Hibs (and I’m not even a Hibee).

Taken all together it reinforces what a fantastic city Edinburgh is to live in with so so much to offer.


Edinburgh Napier’s new Blog service: Blogs.napier.ac.uk

We have introduced a blog service at Edinburgh Napier University to give our staff a chance to build their digital footprint and get out into the digital world with their knowledge and expertise.

This will have a knock on effect for my own blog https://digitalhighered.wordpress.com/ which will be moving from the fantastic wordpress.com service into http://blogs.napier.ac.uk/digitalhighered. The difference being I’m moving from a free external hosted service (with limited customisation) to an internally hosted service with greater customisation potential.

The exciting bit for me (and you hopefully) will be the benefit this migration has on the blog’s search engine ranking. Academic domains are trusted by search engines as they are recognised as well-established, unbiased and authoritative, so ac.uk site is given extra weighting by search engines simply by being affiliated with it. This is one of the reasons we’ve put this blog service in place – to share the knowledge and skills that the university has and make our knowledge open to Google and other search engines.

We are at the start of this work but if you would like to start blogging with us or require more information, please get in touch and I’d be more than happy to talk to you about. The service is available to staff and the content will belong to the staff. If you move on you can zip up your blog and take it with you.

Songs to Study to playlist on Spotify

One of the components of a recent marketing campaign we ran was Spotify advertising which asked Spotify users within a specified age range to engage with the Edinburgh Napier University and tell us what songs they study to and recommend them for our ‘Songs to Study to‘ playlist.

From a brand awareness perspective this provided substantial reach at reasonable cost and created an exceptional level of engagement – albeit light engagement it combined positive brand messages with social share-ability and engagement – which is the first time we’ve properly achieved this within the UK market and achieved significant impact with digital display (excluding Facebook) and avoided interuption.

It has certainly been an interesting experiment and has opened up thoughts on how this approach can be used in future.

And the playlist itself is actually quite good. The ‘Song to Study to‘ playlist is embedded below.