Mobile App for University Open Day

The value of Open Days to Universities is significant as it allows prospective students to get a real feel for what the University has to offer. However, university open days are complex – there is so much going on for the attendees so we were really keen that they didn’t miss anything.

In addition to providing people with a programme for the day in paper format we looked at how mobile could support their open day experience. The result was a mobile app which aims to provide everyone with all of the information they need to make the most of the day and not miss anything they want to attend. And we were also aware that not everyone wants to attend the same events during the day so we added ‘build your own agenda’ functionality which allowed those attending to build an agenda for themselves which included push alerts to remind them of where to go next.


The hope is that we can use the infrastructure to support future events and open days. The initial results look positive with around a quarter of those attending downloading the app and around half of those using the ‘build your own agenda’ functionality. We will need to conduct some proper analysis of usage and source feedback but the initial stats look positive.

If you want to have a look you can download the App via