Moving from print to digital

How publications that are designed for print work online is a continued issue for most marketing teams. Ultimately, creative teams need to be considering how the information will be consumed before deciding how to tackle the project so that the output is designed with the end user in mind. However, this does require a different mind set to that employed by a traditional marketing/publications team.

Although we are not there yet at Edinburgh Napier we have discovered this nice publication tool joomag that take a publication designed for print and gives it a little bit more life online – it’s a bit more interesting than a pdf and it is also not too expensive. It will be interesting to see what feedback we get from students.

The publication below is work in progress – I’m just testing it via the blog.

[joomag width=300 height=194 title=edinburgh-napier-university-newsfeed-2013-14 magazineId=0099210001378375587 backgroundImage= ]

Or you can access via this link


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