Social media policy for Edinburgh Napier

It is needed and this month Edinburgh Napier University issued its ‘Social Media Policy‘.

As an institution we are keen to promote the use of social media as our Good Practice Social Media Participation Guidelines encourages.

However, two things that staff need to be very aware of are in Section 6 and 8.

Section 6 covers the University’s reputation:

Staff should avoid social media communications that may be misconstrued in a way that could damage the University’s reputation, whether directly or indirectly. Staff must not post inappropriate or defamatory statements’. 

Section 8 goes on to address consent
Staff must not post images of their colleagues or students without prior written consent‘.

And its serious stuff because employees who breach any of the University’s policies may be subject to disciplinary action which could ultimately lead to dismissal.

Food for thought for employees who post images of colleagues or are inclined to criticise the University via social.

The full policy can be downloaded via the Edinburgh Napier staff intranet HR documents page


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