Eventbrite vs Eventzilla

At the start of the year I was asked to help out on the web/social media for a community cinema project – Balerno Village Screen.

On a budget of zero (or as close to zero as possible) my task was to do the digital stuff and allow customers to register for events online.

As cost was to be kept as low as possible, I went with WordPress.com and the twenty eleven theme in black with Facebook fan page and Twitter profile – the committee didn’t want wordpress in the url so we paid to have it upgraded and advertising removed – total cost came in at just under £50.

The next challenge was online booking and my initial investigation suggested Eventzilla was slightly easier to use and integrate than Eventbrite. However, it was only when i got under the skin of using the service that I identified some limitations and bugs – particularly related to the timing of the event – Eventzilla only allows the events to be per hour or every half hour – Eventbrite lets you break it down to 5 minute segments. This was a frustration with Zilla because our 3rd screening was at 15 minutes past the hour.

The biggest drawback i found though with Eventzilla is backend. Many of the processes around booking management don’t seem to work or time out. And although you can see each person’s ticket individually, you cannot cancel say 1 of their 4 tickets, you need to cancel their whole order. In contrast Eventbrite does allow this but more importantly for me, it allows those attending the event to cancel the tickets themselves via a logged in service. From an event admin perspective this is much better and saves time and effort of receiving cancellations and taking manual intervention.

So having used both Eventzilla and Eventbrite, I recommend Eventbrite.

I’ve followed this blog up to reflect on recent Eventzilla improvements and comparison of Eventzilla and Eventbrite for online payment. 





4 thoughts on “Eventbrite vs Eventzilla”

  1. After reading your comments I checked and Eventzilla seems to have sorted these out as price is much cheaper with evenzilla so been using eventzilla for 3 weeks so far with no problems (Touching wood)

    1. Thanks David interesting feedback regarding pricing and Eventzilla improvements – I’m aware that Eventbrite does take a considerable commission on transactions although so far I’ve only used the free service.

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