5 tips for running a marketing competition on Facebook

5 tips I recommend for running a marketing competition on Facebook:

  1. Keep it simple – upload an image around an accessible concept and don’t make it complex.
  2. Seed it – you need to get people engaging with it and hopefully sharing it.
  3. Choose the right media –  Facebook in this case was right for the market (India and Sri Lanka).
  4. Be flexible – keep doing what works and drop anything you think is ineffective.
  5. Deal with any queries or question quickly and clearly.

And some Challenges to consider:

  1. Getting the terms and conditions right.
  2. Cheating and general skulduggery.
  3. Keeping engagement going beyond the campaign.
  4. Incomplete knowledge – learning as you go.
  5. Markets are different and the same approach may not work well in all markets.

This insight comes from my earlier blog post Running Facebook competitions and raising brand awareness for Edinburgh Napier University which resulted in a 20,000 uplift in Facebook fans.


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