Facebook fans league table for Universities in Scotland

My earlier blog on 13 July 2012 Scottish University League Table of Social media looked at the individual and collective social media reach of the University sector in Scotland. Given that was six months ago I thought it was about time to look again at the figures with a focus on Facebook fans. In the last 6 months we have seen an uplift of 32% in Facebook fan base with an overall increase of almost 60,000 fans.

Edinburgh Napier University continues to have the largest number of fans at 49,064 and also the largest increase over the last 6 months of 16,369. Whilst the University of Glasgow and University of Edinburgh continue to show strong growth of 23% and 27% respectively the most notable change comes from The Robert Gordon University increasing its fan base by over 150% to over 20,000 fans. The combined increase from Edinburgh Napier and Robert Gordon almost accounts for 50% of the overall sector increase.

League table of University Facebook fans

Scottish University Facebook fans table


5 tips for running a marketing competition on Facebook

5 tips I recommend for running a marketing competition on Facebook:

  1. Keep it simple – upload an image around an accessible concept and don’t make it complex.
  2. Seed it – you need to get people engaging with it and hopefully sharing it.
  3. Choose the right media –  Facebook in this case was right for the market (India and Sri Lanka).
  4. Be flexible – keep doing what works and drop anything you think is ineffective.
  5. Deal with any queries or question quickly and clearly.

And some Challenges to consider:

  1. Getting the terms and conditions right.
  2. Cheating and general skulduggery.
  3. Keeping engagement going beyond the campaign.
  4. Incomplete knowledge – learning as you go.
  5. Markets are different and the same approach may not work well in all markets.

This insight comes from my earlier blog post Running Facebook competitions and raising brand awareness for Edinburgh Napier University which resulted in a 20,000 uplift in Facebook fans.

Remember on Twitter you are the publisher

Social media may feel like a casual informal engagement – a bit like a chat on the bus – but beware the law courts don’t see it that way.

As soon as you post something on social media – legally you are regarded as a publisher – basically you are subject to the same legislation as newspapers and could be open to claims for libel.

The rules applies to all social/professional media and the issue has again come to the fore with the McAlpine case of mistaken identity.

And the rule covers both original and recycled content – both a tweet and a retweet are regarded as publication and the person who retweets is also regarded as having published the information.

You can access the Edinburgh Napier University quick guide to social media if you need guidance on how to engage on social media or you may find my earlier blog ‘Social media policy – do you have one?’ helpful.