Google adwords display network – size isn’t everything


The blog from Search Engine Journal that promotes the use of the display network is certainly interesting and does highlights the opportunities that exist with the Google adword display network but it appears not to reinforce the benefits of the search network.

The simple brilliance of the search network is that it matches the users preferences to a subject relevant focused advert – and because it delivers high quality traffic the probability of conversion is far greater with favorable ROI. From a customer conversion perspective, I can not envisage a scenario where spend on display could be justified at the expense of search network.

Although the blog concludes that the display network is an excellent branding exercise you also have to put this in the context of the content network. The Internet Marketing Blog recently described the display network as the ‘Wild wild west’ – that is a bit harsh but if brand promotion is the objective – size isn’t everything and there are better places to promote brand awareness and engagement.

It all comes down to what you want to achieve.