Digital tools are amazing

An excellent article on internationalisation was brought to my attention today by Bram ten Kate on the different positions being taken by Dutch, German and UK governments with regards VISAs and the impact on the underlying economies. Only problem was it was in dutch. Although not really a problem because of the translate tool on Google. I was then able to tweet about this myself and had two retweets from the twittersphere. Even at this micro level, it’s fantastic to be part of today’s digital content. Noticeably the article’s main point is the £3.2bn reduction in University income in the UK because of the UKBA visa changes but that’s for another day.


It’s good to Tweet

The great thing with Twitter is that you never know who is listening. This has resulted in a couple of interesting opportunities for me recently.

On the professional side, I’d been asked by Emma Leech, Director of Communications and Marketing at University of Nottingham to go down to London to present at the Case Conference Effective communications to improve your students’ experience and connectivity where I’ll be talking about the Edinburgh Napier Innovation Challenge – a social media campaign I ran in India and Sri Lanka that achieved a great success in building brand awareness and creating a community of engaged prospects from this market. It’s our first proper attempt at a fully engaging social media campaign and it has exceeded expectations in terms of awareness raising, engagement with the university and now we are seeing course enquiries about coming to study with Edinburgh Napier. 

My Tweeting has also brought me to the attention of the Balerno Gala Committee and I have been ‘encouraged’ to help them out with the gala website. I have to confess it’s been a bit of a challenge given the system/interface – it’s never ideal trying to fix somone else’s mess but I’ve now got my head around which parts are not working properly so a few work arounds will get us there. On the plus side, I’ve also thrown in a Twitter and Flickr embed to make maintenance a bit easier and give it a little social currency. For next year we’ll probably go down the WordPress route. Hopefully the weather will improve for the gala day!